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Our puppies

What you need to know.

At Schwarzer Stolz, our females have no more than 3 litters in their lifetime and have no litters after 6 years.
They are not reproduced before the age of two years and do not have "Back to Back" litters, they have breaks of at least one year between their litters. 

Our females, and the males used, have passed all ofa recommended tests at a minimum (we do more testing than just the ofa recommendations).
We only have one litter per year.

Our dogs live in the house with us and are members of our family.  
For our dogs you have their tests, accomplishments and descriptions on their personal pages. 


We're on pause
for 2024.

There is no litter planned for 2024. We're taking a break to spend time with our retirees and prepare the next generation :)

  • Puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and microchipped

  • Puppies will have their tails trimmed by a veterinarian between 2-3 days of life
    (if the law still allows it in 2024).


  • Puppies will receive their first dose of the basic vaccine (DHPP) between 6 and 7 weeks of age. You will receive the vaccination health record, dewormer according to the fecal test results and health certificate. 

  • The ears will be trimmed if you wish (between 8 and 9 weeks) by a veterinarian (if the law still allows it in 2024).

  • Our puppies (and adult dogs) are fed good quality raw food. 

  • If you decide to have the ears trimmed, you must plan for travel and additional expense to re-stake the staking so that the ears hold. We can also direct you to people closer to you geographically to help you, but you must know that it does not happen by magic and that you have to invest patience so that the ears hold well.

  • They come with their starter kit (cuddly toy impregnated with the smell they know, collar, leash, food for a few days).

  • Upon adoption, your puppy is covered by Trupanion's 30-day health insurance. I strongly encourage you to purchase pet health insurance after those 30 days; our dogs are real daredevils!

  • They will have started their socialization with cats, other dogs (different breeds and sizes), men, women, children, teenagers. They will have had a very diversified awakening room (textures, unstable modules, noises).

  • A dog trainer who has never met them, will evaluate the puppies (several times during their development) to make sure to make a perfect match with the adopter.

  • Our adopters are registered on a private Facebook group where it's easy for them to get support, ask questions or just let us know about their pup.


  • We want to protect the puppies from our breeding. The adoption contract stipulates that we take back the dogs in case of abandonment (regardless of the reason for the abandonment). You cannot sell or give away a dog from our kennel without first going through us.

The waiting list

I first analyze the requests via our form. I then contact the people who could correspond to a planned litter and I plan a meeting by videoconference of one hour to know the person.  The needs of the puppy are at the center of my priorities. I do not sell puppies based on the order of arrival of a request. I go there with a person's correspondence/availability/projects. It is therefore possible that you wait more than a year or only a few months. If you are a person confirmed as a potential adopter (I will tell you this clearly), it is only when the puppies are born (or even a little later in their development) that I can confirm with accuracy that there are one for you. For one thing, I can never predict how many puppies will be born; on the other hand, for some cases, I have to evaluate the temperament of the puppies to make sure that there is one that matches your project.

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