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2024 Litter

Béatrice von Schwarzer Stolz CGN X GCH Melrae’s Motive Player WAC DJ RATI RATN CGN

With this litter, we're aiming for genetic diversity, versatility in dog sports, stable temperament, and puppies who are very attached to humans.

Player, who practices several dog sports such as dock diving, barn hunt, agility and conformation, will soon be 7 years old. He's a serious male, although he can be mischievous at times, and he's undeniably gorgeous.

As for Béatrice, she's a stable bitch, eager to please, and very attached to her family. She brings a touch of comedy to the house, and loves detection and barn hunting, conformation and obedience training. Beatrice will be 4 years old in July, and for a Doberman, she has an average energy level.

As such, this litter is aimed at active families and dog sports enthusiasts. Some puppies in this litter may be Red/Flame in color and all will have natural tails and ears.

If you are interested, please fill in the form. 

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