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Who are we?



20 years ago, I fell in love with the Doberman, and it has never left me; there is always at least one doberman in my house!
Thanks to my training as a canine educator of 600 hours with Carl Girard, I was able to work with dogs with different problems or heavy pasts. But even though I was meeting amazing dogs, my heart still clung to Dobermans. I therefore invested myself in the protection of the Dobermans near me by having my foot in the world of rescue. For more than 10 years, I have invested myself deeply in working, housing, rehabilitating, welcoming dobermans who have been abandoned, to be relocated, or threatened with euthanasia. It kept me from wanting to become a breeder, because I saw so many mortgaged Dobermans, with serious deep-seated behavioral problems, that I thought it was not possible to breed without having this kind of consequences on dogs. Until the day I discovered the European lineage Doberman. Quite by chance, I met in a park a European on a trip to Montreal, with his magnificent doberman.

At that moment, it was like a revelation: the European Doberman was exactly what I wanted and which corresponded to the standard of the breed. I began to seriously believe that it was finally possible, to become a Doberman breeder. I studied for almost two years an infinity of pedigrees, to find THE foundation female, with the essential qualities in my eyes. This research led me to take an interest in lineage genetics, to better understand what can be acquired, innate or genetic.

I quickly realized that my breed had a horrifying amount of serious health issues (heart, liver, cancer). Finding the right temperament would not be my only challenge, I also had to do my research based on health. In addition to these steps, I completed my training in education and behavior, I met breeders, sports enthusiasts (IGP, Ring Français, detection, etc.) and above all, I made friends through the world by focusing on European Doberman breeders. I spoke with geneticists, biologists, agronomists and veterinarians, leading me from one thing to another on subjects like epigenetics and food. Today, with all the information available through science and my experience with dogs, I make it my mission to do everything in my power to provide you with healthy dogs that carry all the characteristics of the European Doberman as much as possible. , and who have every chance on their side of having the best possible health and longevity.

The Stolz family

Over the years, friendships have been formed and enthusiasts have joined the Stolz family.

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