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Shop Policy

Customer service

Customer service section. Introduce your company and your services, and indicate how to contact the store in the event of a problem. Write a detailed customer service policy to establish a relationship of trust with your customers and allow them to buy serenely on your site.

Second paragraph of the customer service section. Click "Edit Text" or double-click here to add your policy details and customize the font. It is the ideal space to relate your journey and present your activity to your visitors.

Privacy and Security

Security and Privacy Policy. Educate your customers on how you use, store and protect their personal information. Add details about third-party payment verification, the data collection process, or how long it takes to contact the customer after a purchase.


The privacy of your users is of utmost importance to your business. Take the time to write a clear and detailed policy. Prefer simple language that will inspire confidence in your customers.​

Wholesale inquiries

Wholesale Inquiries Section. Inform your retailers about the resale conditions of your items.
Use clear language and provide all the information necessary to promote and grow your business.


Second paragraph of the wholesale section. You can edit it and add your own text. Click "Edit Text" or double-click here to add your content and customize the font. This is the ideal space to relate your journey and introduce yourself to your visitors.

Means of payment

- Credit/debit cards
- PayPal
- Offline payments

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