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We have 2 males available on the litter of Theia and Heto.


Male collar Green

Co-Owned Male
Fedir  is comfortable in new situations, he is very curious about his environment (You will have to work on commitment with him). Heights, unstable surfaces, different textures, sounds… Nothing destabilizes him, he is really an analyst, he will take a moment to analyze and the next second, he wants to play or go see what produced the noise. He likes his little moments alone, we often see him going to eat his bone alone while all the other puppies are playing together.
Average prey drive, good food drive and toy drive. He makes associations very easily. He does not take things personal, he accepts constraint well. Seek eye contact with people. 

For families who know the breed, practice canine sports and are involved with their dog. 
The family will have to continue to practice it for the show (1 to 2 per year in the USA mainly).  

Male no Collar


Sans Collar is a little more reserved than his brother. He is still a really smart puppy and he will trust his human in case of doubt. He has no problem either with noises, unstable surfaces, heights… He analyzes things a lot, wants to discover the world, but he also likes his little moments alone. An active family that knows the breed and is invested in its upbringing and training would be perfect for him. Warning, he already masters his angelic face and knows how to manipulate us, don't fall into this trap, he's a little opportunist!


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